Practical Guide To Computer Hard Drive Repair

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Practical Guide To  Hard Drive Repair


Course Overview


The course is designed as an introduction to the design, function and components of the electronic and electrical circuitry of Hard Disk Drives as incorporated into the drives’ Printed Circuit Board (PCB), together with the possibilities and techniques for the recovery of data where such components have failed.


It provides an overview of: The physical components of PCB’s:

The Interface – The connection to the host computer that provides the channel for communication with the host, data flow in and out of the drive and also provides the power the device needs to operate

The voltage protection and filtering circuitry that control the voltages supplied to the drive

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) – The main processing chip of the device that controls all drive functions

Motor Controllers – These chips control the operation of the motors that spin the drive disk platters and move the Read/Write Head Assembly to track the data stored

ROM and NVRAM Components – Onboard memory storage devices that can hold key information and firmware needed for the correct operation of the drive

Device failure scenarios:
Interface failure
Other component failure and PCB damage

Motor Controller failure

ROM and NVRAM content corruption

Data Recovery Techniques:
Diagnostic procedures

Component replacement

PCB replacement

Equipment and/or facilities required

Spares requirement, matching criteria & acquisition

Onboard firmware reinstatement